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10 Wardrobe Essentials

I have formulated a list of 10 essential wardrobe items that women should have regardless of the season. Some should be quality invested items and others can be cheaper items that you then replace with new ones when they are worn.

You can then shop to your heart’s content for your seasonal / on trend right now garments to go with these wardrobe essentials to make some killer outfits!

1. Plain white t-shirt

A staple basic for your wardrobe. It is so versatile to go with any outfit whether its jeans, black pants or a skirt. Put a scarf or necklace with it to jazz it up and boom – plain white t-shirt goes from WAM to BAM! A V neck white t-shirt is a really great as it suits pretty much anyone (regardless of your bust size).

I love having a plain black tshirt handy too and right now I am loving Khaki, so I have added that into my wardrobe also.

Note: Stock up – white t-shirts don’t stay white for ever. So go cheaper and buy a couple in the shape/style that you love that way you always have one ready to go. Places like Cotton On or Just Jeans have tshirts at good prices so you can easily replace them when needed. 

2. Black tank (singlet) 

Again like the white t-shirt the black singlet is a staple basic. Can go with anything and can be accessorised very easily. Feel free to go cheaper with this wardrobe essential too. Black tanks are found everywhere they are easy to replace when they start looking worn.

Note: Glassons is a good option for this one!

3. Jeans

OMG I LOVE jeans! I would suggest 2 pairs (at least) for your wardrobe essential list – 1 dark pair and 1 light pair.
Dark jeans are super slimming and can be worn to a wide range of events. Light coloured jeans are so nice and casual. But let’s be honest you can never have enough pairs of jeans (average person has 7 pairs of jeans.)

Note: Look for great fit and quality when purchasing jeans. The right pair of jeans can last you years (and make your butt look divine!)

4. Black pants

Again need I say more – can be worn with anything day or night. A great basic for your wardrobe and and essential for most people’s work attire.

5. Denim jacket

I remember when denim jackets were in years ago…. and then they went so out. But they are back on trend and here to stay. I am not usually a fan of denim on denim but recently paired my denim jacket with black heans for a photo shoot and it worked! So have a play.

I also LOVE denim jackets with maxi dresses, dresses or skirt and top outfits. They can look so chic when you purchase the right cut for your body shape.

Note: I got my denim jacket from Max Fashions – it has pockets too!

6. Leather Jacket

Buy a quality one and it will last for years. I brought my current leather jacket in 2013 and still have it now and yes it’s still very on trend! Perfect completer piece for so many outfits too (another blog coming on this).

7. Little Black Dress

Definitely a staple item! Can go with basically any blazer, jacket, cardigan, heels, flats, bag and sunglasses. Just so versatile and very easily dressed up or down. I would try have a quality LBD in my wardrobe and a cheaper easily replaced one. Don’t worry about ‘wearing the same dress twice’. With it being black you can change all the completer pieces and accessories to give it a totally different look each time.

8. A shirt

Some fashion bloggers say a classic white shirt is best but I don’t agree… see I don’t like white shirts on me but I do love this Khaki shirt I recently found from Just Jeans. It can be casual or dressy and I just love it! I say go for what suits you best and what you feel most comfortable in.

9. Blazer

I love blazers! They are so up-market casual and classy all in one. Can be the perfect interest piece if you have one with some colour or stylish patterns otherwise can be a completer piece to your outfit. Throw it on and it can change your outfit immediately. I tend to like blazers with no lapel and collar but it is completely up to your own personal taste and style.

10. Coat

A nice tailored coat is always a plan especially in winter when the cold hits and you want to be rugged up but still look like a style queen. Invest in a tailored coat in a classic style so it won’t go out of fashion – it will last years and you will definitely get your money’s worth. My grey coat in the picture below I have had since about 2007 (no lies!!) and it’s still on trend – especially the grey maul colour!

Once you have these staple wardrobe essentials then you can build on your wardobe with seasonal trends etc. to make the outfits complete as well as look different each time you head out the door.

But remember my biggest fashion tip I can give is:

Make sure you are comfortable in the clothes you are buying and ALWAYS check the fit.

Much love,

Sez xx

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