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2020 changed my life | Life update

I have been MIA for a while…. Its been a crazy 18 months. I am sure you can relate; you know with a global pandemic and all.

The new decade excited everyone with hopes of a better life and great change. The old ‘2020 is my year’ was thrown around by many. But I think we can all agree that 2020 was a life changing year in more ways than one… even if not how you expected.

If you reflect on the past year… how much has your life changed? Have you looked back and reflected on the positives?

My life has gone through what feels like a complete overhaul.

2020 changed my life in many ways… 

When Alert Level 4 was announced, my partner asked me to move in, so I did, and we survived!

I can proudly say I am in a happy relationship and I have taken on the role as step-mum (or as I like to call it Bonus Mum) to Charlie who is nearly the big 5 and we also now have a fur baby Willow. She is an absolute delight and terror at the same time (don’t let her beautiful amber eyes fool you)!

I have had a couple of promotions at work at am now an Account Manager at Aon Insurance Brokers. You may have seen this billboard around Tauranga… its not up anymore but was weird seeing it along the freeway!

(Not the best snap of it… took it when driving past – I was in the passenger seat obviously). 

Given we were not allowed any travel outside of NZ until late, I made the most of exploring New Zealand outside of lockdown and went on many adventures including –

12 days in a campervan in the South Island
Ticked off Roy’s Peak at sunrise from the bucket list
Summitted Mount Taranaki for sunrise
Completed the Routeburn Track over two days
And many more… blog post coming soon with some adventures you can go on!

Roy’s Peak
Mount Taranaki
The Routeburn Track

I have become extremely disciplined at exercise and nutrition and lost 10kg in 5 months and have since been building lean muscle. I feel the fittest, strongest, healthiest and happiest in a long time.

Photos are July 2020 vs November 2020

My Self-development is at an all-time high and I have engaged a new life coach for even more growth and learning about myself.

I have committed to more study and am halfway through a nutrition course. It is amazing how interconnected our gut and brain are!

And I finally realized I am right where I am meant to be in life, amongst the chaos of a new decade and a global pandemic.

That’s a snapshot of the POSITIVE the past 12-18 months.

Navigating Covid-19 was definitely hard and has set back life for me and my family in various ways, but I choose to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

So, now that you know where life is at for me, I plan on dedicating my time to blog more frequently.

I want to focus on helping you create a healthy lifestyle. One that suits YOU.

We all live differently and have different habits and lifestyles, but the core basis of a healthy lifestyle is the same.

My Lifestyle blog posts will include tips, tricks and my advice on:

Self-Development – Mindset & Habits

Along with some personal blogs along the way.

Hopefully I can help you even in some small way to live a healthy lifestyle and a fun, adventurous life.

Thanks for reading and ill post another blog next week! 😊

Sez x

P.S. – you can always check out my Instagram page or Facebook. I post regularly on Instagram.

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