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25 fun facts about Sez

Hi i am Sarah Seerden, otherwise known as Sez. Welcome to my blog!

Just so you can get to know me better, here is 25 fun facts about Sez (me)Β  πŸ™‚

1. I am 31 years old…… what!? I know right. Like a fine wine i get better with age πŸ˜‰

2. I have 5 older brothers! Yes – I am the only girl and the youngest. My oldest brother was 17 when I was born.

3. I use to own my own Fashion Business called SarSee. I designed, patterned, cut and sewed all the SarSee stock myself…. as well as ran the business. I closed this down after 3 years of operating in June 2018 (will explain more in a different blog post).

4. My dad sadly passed away from a heart attack when I was 17. I miss him SO much xx

5. I am a one shot hit at killing possums – which highly pissed my brothers off! (Don’t worry it was on the farm where the possums are a pest).

6. When I was little (and even at Intermediate School/early High School years) all I wanted to be when I grew up was an actress. I was in a lot of the little theatre plays and High School Productions.

7. My grandad is my hero and always has been. He fought in WWII but was captured by the germans and held prisioner for 4 years. He went on to have a rehab farm and was very active in the RSA and EX-POW associations. Sadly he passed away in 2000 from cancer. He was a wonderful man xx

8. I appeared in the NZ Womens Weekly when I was only 7 days old!! I was having my first bath at home (pic below)Β  #famoussincewayback πŸ˜‰

9. I have lived on my own and loved it!

10. I started my fashion business SarSee in 2015 with only $10,000 which was given from my dad after he passed. I also ran SarSee initially out of my mum’s garage (before I moved into a shop location then eventually only online).

11. I have an amazing barbie collection from when I was little… don’t be jealous now πŸ˜‰

Pic below –Β This is just a tiny part of the collection. lol. I loved barbies growing up. If you look to the right you will even see Sporty Spice and Baby Spice barbies (the spice girls for those who dont know!) πŸ™‚

12. When I was born my dad’s workers decorated his Shoe Shop in Pink and wrote all over the windows “Peter’s Princess has arrived” (Gutted Mum does not have any photos of this).

Β 13. In 2008 I moved to Perth in Western Australia by myself.

14. In 2011, I travelled Europe, the UK and Dubai for about 5 months. My dad was from the Netherlands and left when he was 8 years old. He always said that he would return when he turned 60, but sadly he died at 59. So I made the journey back to Weert and meet all my amazing family. It was the most incredible feeling when the train pulled up to the platform and I knew I had made it!

Me when i finally arrived in Weert πŸ™‚

Me, Elaine and Vicki outside the Colosseum in Rome

Mucking around in Amsterdam – token photo with clogs really

My mate Kate and I at Blarney Castle in Ireland where we kissed the Blarney Stone.

At Paris Disneyland with Cinderella πŸ˜‰

With mates in Santorini in the Greek Islands. We had a picnic on the ruins of a castle and watched the sunset. Pretty amazing.

Me in a dutch outfit in the Netherlands πŸ™‚

Vicki and I with some of my family in Weert

15. I have climbed Mt Te Aroha… never again – it’s horrible! Lol… even tho I LOVE hiking. Boxfit and hiking are my fav ways to exercise.

16. When I was 10 I became an Aunty for the first time. My neice Aneka was born 3 months premature and was in an incubator. I was allowed to go in and see her even tho it was usually forbidden. She is now one of my best friends and we hang out a lot! We get asked alot if we are sisters!

Aneka and I when she was just little πŸ™‚

My collection at tech when I was studying Fashion. Aneka is in the blue vest modelling for me.

I made both our dresses – some of the first dresses I made when I started SarSee.

Aneka being a model for SarSee in 2015

17. I use to be a Corporate Insurance Underwriter in Perth – I wrote third party liability policies for mining companies etc. I left this job in 2011 to go travelling and I got it offered back to me in 2012 with $25,000 more salary! #dontburnyourbridges

18. My partner and I brought a lifestyle property at the end of 2017!

19. My oldest brother constantly reminds me that I stole the show at his wedding where I was the flower girl. I was 6 years old.

20. I have milked cows numerous times – two of my brothers work/manage farms. My brother Rob & his wife Shiralee even won Share Milker of the year for the Wairarapa in 2017.

21. I have a mole on the side of my left thigh (and crazy enough my cousin has one in the exact same spot but on the right thigh… and what makes it stranger is we are not blood cousins).

22. My mum use to dress me in pink dresses when I was younger. Then when i was a teenager I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress… then I ran my own business where I designed and made dresses! p.s. I also designed my ball dress (in pic below)

23. I did ballet since the age of 5. I gave it up at Intermediate because I got too ‘cool’ for it – which sometimes I regret. I also played the Piano from Intermediate all through high school but gave it up after my dad died (it was our thing). I did play KC & JoJo song at his funeral though πŸ™‚

24. I have 9 nephews and 4 neices.

25. I play hide n seek with my cat Chloe – she loves it and is cute as f*ck. She is a burmese and has the personality of a queen. I swear she is a catdog πŸ˜‰ #bestcatsever

So there you have it – 25 facts about me. Hopefully you feel enlightened by it (haha) and feel like you know me a bit better!

I look forward to connecting with you all more.

Much love,

Sez xx

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