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5 easy steps to set yourself achievable goals in 2020!

Do you have habits you wish to change or things you would like to do but don’t know how?

Do you lack the motivation? The drive? Consistency?

Or have you tried in the past and failed so ‘given’ up?

Setting goals to create a better you and overall life shouldn’t be a chore. Goals are what help give you purpose and drive in life. They should excite you so you will be more likely to put time and energy into achieving them.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you make goals and changes this year that stick.

1 – WHAT do you wish to change or achieve?

Get brainstorming and write them down.

I will show you two examples on how to set goals that are achievable and realistic to help you with writing your own.


A – I want to get fit

B – I want to save more money

2 – WHY do you want to achieve this?

If you have a strong why it will give you more drive to do the work to reach the goal. Really dig deep and think about how you will feel achieving this goal etc.


A – I want feel more confident in my own body

B – I want to be able to buy a house in the near future

3 – Next look at HOW you can achieve this?

Make sure in terms of the fitness goal that you actually enjoy the exercise you have chosen. There is no point going to the gym if you dislike it as you will be setting yourself up for failure. If you do not know what you enjoy then try different things to work out what best suits YOU.


A – I will go to the gym or I will go for walks etc. (choose something YOU enjoy not what you ‘think’ you should be doing)

B – I will spend less money out (on food / coffee / eating out / drinking) etc.

From here go deeper into that HOW and make the goal more specific. Make sure you are being realistic!


A – I will gym 3 times week or I will walk 4 days a week

B – I want to save $5,000 by December 31st 2020

4 – Then break it down further to make the goal more measurable:


A – I will go the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45mins at 6am or I will walk Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 1 hour after work at 5.30pm

B – $5,000 saving goal over 52 weeks = $96.15 a week saving or $192.30 a fortnight. Is this achievable with your budget?

For the financial goal look at how much you get paid. Do you get paid weekly or fortnightly? Then take the figure you get paid and deduct all your household bills, cost of living etc. and see what is left over. Then with that figure look how much you can save and how much you will need for spending money (make sure you budget spending money otherwise again you will set yourself up for failure).

5 – Then prepare:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


A – Get your fitness plan sorted – Do you need to pay a Personal Trainer for a gym plan or can you write it up yourself or even use a fitness gym app? If you are walking, plan your walking route or get your treadmill set up if you have one. Schedule the days in your diary or on a calendar. Lay your clothes out the night before then GET UP AND DO IT! When you get home, cross it off on your calendar to have that visual accomplishment. This will help keep you motivated and show the discipline you are building. Then continue to be consistent – get up even when you do not want to!

B – Set up automatic payments into a savings account that you cannot touch. Review it monthly on the last Sunday of each month to make sure you are on track with your savings. As you see the money building it will motivate you to keep going!

Additional Tips:

I break my goals down in categories such as –

Health & Fitness




I try to have about 3 goals per category to ensure I am looking at all areas of my life but this is completely up to you. If this is your first time setting goals maybe concentrate on 1 or 2 specific goals and create positive habits and be consistent with them first. Do not overcomplicate it 😊

I also complete a vision board so it is always there on my wall and I am reminded of my goals daily. When they are only written in a book it is easy to just kept the book closed all year!

With your fitness goals make sure you take before and after photos to help motivate you.

My experience:

If I have learnt anything in my health and fitness journey the past year, it all comes down to consistency. Constantly showing up and doing the work. Even the smallest effort is better than no effort.

All the ‘fit’ people you aspire to did not get to where they are by skipping days/weeks/months. They got to where they are by turning up even when they wanted to stay in bed or stay on the couch watching Netflix. They were consistent with their routine and building their healthy habits. I can assure you they were not always motivated either. Motivation always dies off over time, it is the discipline they have formed through building the healthy habits that keeps them turning up day after day. So…just put your shoes on and do the work. 🙂 

Remember achieving goals all comes down to HOW bad you want it and HOW achievable it is. You do not want to stretch yourself to much but you will also need to make some sacrifices to get to where you want to be!

Lastly enjoy the journey! Goals are all about the journey to get there. The growth you encounter, the struggle and the wins. Take it all in and enjoy it!

NOTE – just incase you were thinking ‘oh it’s too late to set goals for 2020 now’ … well NO it’s not to late to make goals for 2020 and take action… just because January is over and February has already started is no excuse. Start writing today and taking action now. Think about where you could be come December 2020! 

Let me know your goals! Email . I would love to hear them and help if I can.

Thanks for tuning in again. I hope the blog helps make your 2020 even better.

Much love,

Sez xx

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