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5 reasons you should make time for the sunset / sunrise

When you think of a sunrise or sunset you automatically think – romantic, inspiring and instagram-able right? So why then do most of us only ever experience them when we are on holiday?

The sun sets and rises every single day of your life, no matter where in the world you are. It is a super easy and free way of setting some magic into your everyday normal and mundane routine.

So I have listed below 5 reasons why you should make more time for the sunset / sunrise.

1 – Makes you appreciate your life right there in the moment

When was the last time you woke up grateful for a new day or finishing your day where you appreciated everything that happened?

Practising gratitude should be a daily practise so what better way to be grateful for life and a new day then watching the sunrise. On the opposite side of the spectrum watching the sunset is a perfect way to appreciate the end of a great day.

The whole practise of seeing the sun rise or fall is just so memorizing and can change your mood drastically. The colours, the scenery, the company you share it with… what is there not to appreciate? #lovelife #liveyourbestlife

2 – It enhances your mood

Grumpy? Stressed? Sad? Contemplating lifes decisions?

Watching the sunset or sunrise has been proven to fight against stress, depression, anxiety and just overall enhance your state of mind putting you in a better mood throughout the day or for the evening.

3 – The sunset / sunrise fills your soul

For me personally when I see those rays rise or set and the beautiful colours fill the sky my soul just feels full and like I have righted myself with the world somehow. I love experiencing this alone or with people that mean the world to me.

Experiencing the difference things that fill your soul regulary is so very important. It gives meaning to your life and sets your mind and body in a mood like nothing other. If this too sets your soul on fire.. do more of it. #itsthelittlethings

I love watching the sunrise up Mount Maunganui. If you have never done it then definitely put it at the top of your must do list. It is absolutely incredible especially on a nice clear morning! The hike up is an added extra bonus of exercise and means you don’t have to feel guilty for treating yourself to the eggs benedict and coffee at breaky after 😉

4 – It is magic and it is free

Those colours that fill the sky like an oil painting spread across the landscape…. magic! #puremagic

You can pay a lot of money for epic oil paintings and yet the most beautiful panting of all is right there infront of you… for free. So make the most of it.

5 – It makes for incredible photos

Of course for this day and age, when you watch the sunrise or sunset, you can get a really amazing photo (or 10) to show off to everyone on instagram! #forthegram #likemyphoto

But really… if you snap that perfect shot and frame or print it on canvas you can have that memory (and feeling) hanging on your wall for everyone to appreciate. Imagine waking up to that each day? 😉

So plan to get up this weekend and watch a sunrise or finish your evening off with an epic sunset. Grab the hubby / partner or friends and set your soul on fire!

Much love,

Sez xx

P.S. Yes all the photos above are my own 🙂 I love watching the dawn of a new day as you can see

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