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Becoming Strong and Healthy – in Mind, Body and Soul.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Yes, the past 12 months have been filled with learning about how to fuel my body correctly and moving my body most days but there is so much more to my journey of becoming strong and healthy then how much I worked out or what I ate. 

It’s also been a journey full of self-love and prioritising time for me every day. This has included journaling, meditation, starting to learn my triggers and emotions and beginning the journey of healing as well as adventuring, building a family unit, creating & strengthening connections and learning to be consistent in every area of my life. 

A journey in Mind, Body and Soul. 

I am sharing this now to hopefully inspire you to start working on yourself, consistently. 

You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people. 

Becoming Strong and Healthy – in Mind, Body and Soul. 


I remember these photos of me in July 2020 so vividly as I felt yuck – inside and out. At this time, I believed I ate a pretty healthy diet and I exercised most days but I still had low energy and just didn’t feel happy within myself.

So, I decided to first look at my Nutrition.

I just wanted help around fueling my body better without any huge restrictions and I wanted it to be a LIFESTYLE change. Not a fad diet.

In July 2020, my fiancé and I signed up to a 12-week JCN Lifestyle Plan. They provide a fortnight food plan suited to your individual needs and goals. I was required to check in every fortnight, providing weight, front and back photos and an update on how I had tracked with food and exercise.

To start, I set a clear goal – to reach 60kg and build lean muscle.

In the first picture I was sitting at 68.3 kg. The heaviest I had ever been.

July 2020 vs December 2020

Initially my JCN lifestyle plan was in a calorie deficit, meaning I would burn more energy than I ate to get my body using my fat stores for energy. By December 2020, I had exceeded my 60kg goal. I was now sitting at 57.8kg. That’s over 10kg lost – crazy right!!

In January 2021, my food plan changed to ‘bulk’ in order to build lean muscle. Which means, I was eating more than my body burned to help build muscle.

My food plan always included protein, carbohydrates and fats. Take note – You NEED all for your body to function optimally.

The biggest change was food prep and meal planning. We would plan our meals, grocery shop, then food prep, weighing our meat out to our correct portion size and bagging it up separately for each day of the week. When cooking dinner, we would cook lunch for the next day as well and organise snacks. This was very important – prepping the night before for the next day.

I still ate all the good food like pizza, burgers, pasta, chips and chocolate etc. The difference? I ate the portion size to suit my body, goals and lifestyle and cooked the meal myself. The food held a higher nutritious content and didn’t make me bloat and feel gross!

Prawn and Ham Pizza

Next on my journey to becoming Strong and Healthy was Exercise.

I train in my garage at 5am in the morning and I don’t have all the fancy gear or anything. Below is a photo of what I have in the garage. The equipment is from Torpedo 7, Kmart, Facebook marketplace and Trademe.

My training for the first 6 months was 3x gym sessions and 2 days of 45-60-minute cardio (walking the block). Most days I would also try and get 10,000 steps (I enjoy walking and moving).

Note: I have an office job, so to get the steps, I would move around, go for a short walk at lunch, clean the house etc. #noexcuses

I split the gym into three days:

#1 –  Legs / #2 – Shoulders, Chest and Triceps / #3 – Back, Bis and Abs.

In January 2021, I dropped the 10,000 steps and added a 4th gym session – Glutes day. To switch from weight loss to building lean muscle.

From my journey so far, I can confirm it really is 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise. You don’t need to be in the gym for hours every single day. It is what you put in your mouth that counts the most and it is also consistency that creates success. Show up, do the work, every day. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. If you are looking for that person who will change your life, you need to look in the mirror. 


You know if you strip away the stuff you don’t like about yourself on the outside, you will eventually arrive at the stuff on the inside that you also need to improve on.

Journaling and meditation helped me do this and still are helping. Self-growth is a never-ending journey.

As of January 2021, I have journaled and mediated every day (so far).  


The mind needs to be trained to gain strength.  It needs to be worked consistently to grow and develop over time. Journaling helps this. Getting all those thoughts that swirl around in your head down on paper and then working through them.

Asking questions of yourself like:

How are you feeling today? Why are you feeling that way? What can you do to improve your day / mood etc.?
What do you want to achieve today, tomorrow, next year? How can you achieve these? Put the steps in place.
How did the day go? Is there anything you can do better tomorrow?
How can you achieve your goals? What’s holding you back? Etc.

Once you start, you will fall into a rhythm and more questions will open as you begin to learn yourself, your emotions, feelings, triggers and why you hold yourself back.

It’s a journey and one that will never end. Its not pretty all the time. There will be hard questions and answers and things you don’t like about yourself. But its all about learning and then improving. Do the work for YOU.


Meditation has so many benefits for your emotional well-being and overall health. It is becoming one with your body and helps bring a sense of calm, peace and balance to yourself. Creating a mind/body connection.

I never thought I would be someone that meditates, but the benefits are so powerful and can be used in many situations – especially if you are feeling emotional or triggered!

Through meditation, I have learnt how powerful the breathe is. Breathe work helps you center yourself. Again, it’s all part of learning who you are and learning to control your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Another journey that is never ending but is so very powerful.

I use the app – Smiling Mind. It has a good sleep meditation on their too if you want help falling asleep or calming down before bed.


Filling your own cup is so important. Again, this takes work, scheduling the things that light you up into your day or week and then actioning them. Its all part of prioritising yourself.

Adventuring and sunrises are soul filling for me. In 2020 I completed 20 adventures around New Zealand with most including sunrises. A lot of them challenged me physically and mentally – like climbing Mount Taranaki for sunrise in December. But the feeling at the top, watching the sun rise above the clouds is something that words can’t describe. 2021 has already included many adventures around New Zealand and I still have a list of more to do.

I also love being creative and connecting with others. Part of the reason I blog is to do both and help inspire you to live your life to the fullest. On Saturdays, I get up at 5am, have coffee and blog. I make the time for it because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. It’s ‘me’ time and makes me a better person for filling my own cup.

I have also been studying nutrition because I think the human body is incredible. The mind and gut connection is so powerful and interesting. There are 50 trillion cells in your body all talking to each other and it is amazing how every connection impacts our day to day life.

Finally, to help both mind and soul, I was working with a life coach for 3 months. Elevate Life has been great for helping me to get back to being creative, helping personal relationships/connections and learning more about myself. Investing money in your own self development is worth every cent. I have done it in the past and will continue to do so and I encourage you to do the same.  

Becoming Strong and Healthy – in Mind, Body and Soul

So, as you can see its been a wild ride the past 12 months and it’s only the beginning. Self-development is a lifelong adventure.

I feel I have grown so much already as a person, which is why I decided to celebrate my hard work and consistency so far with a photoshoot on the 29th July 2021. Peter is an amazing photographer and I feel captured ‘me’ perfectly.

I now have 500 photos which capture my journey of making myself a priority so I could feel healthy, happy and confident – from the INSIDE out. My raw authentic self, applauding myself for investing time everyday into ME.

“Your life journey is about learning to become more of who you are and fulfilling the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being.” – Oprah Winfrey

I hope you feel inspired to prioritise yourself and begin the journey of self-love and growth.

Much love,
Sez x

P.S. I know I don’t post much on FB, but I post stories almost daily on Instagram of my journey. So head over and check that out if you want to follow my journey.  

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