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Hiking the Pinnacles for Sunrise – Coromandel, NZ

The Pinnacles for sunrise is spectacular, especially on a clear morning. 

This was our second time climbing the Pinnacles for sunrise. The first time was Feb 2020. We stayed in the hut overnight and climbed to the pinnacles summit for sunset and sunrise. I have written a full blog post with all the track details here.

This time we decided to camp down the bottom of the Pinnacles at Trestle View Park and climb for sunrise, then walk straight back to our campsite for breakfast. It was great!

You know a good hike and sunrise fills my soul!

Where we camped:

We booked a non-powered site at Trestle View Park in the Kauaeranga Valley. It costs $16 for this site.

Trestle View Park is located right at the end of Kauaeranga Valley Road, right by the start of the Pinnacles Track. (See The Pinnacles Walk – Kauaeranga Kauri Trail Blog Post).

We took our little camper and cooked dinner and enjoyed a chill evening. It was quiet in this campground as there was only 2 other campers that evening.

The campground had long drops to use. It did not have running water, so please ensure you take enough bottled water for cooking and drinking. We took a big 10L bottle with us. There is plenty of green grass to pitch your tent.

Hiking the Pinnacles for Sunrise:

We woke at 3am and started the walk at 3.30am.

The trail was much easier than I remembered from Feb 2020. I was fitter this time around, didn’t have a big overnight pack on and we were climbing first thing in the morning (as opposed to the afternoon). So many factors which may have made it an easier hike.

The track was quiet to start. I don’t recall seeing anyone else hiking. We summited at 5.35am in time for a 6.15am sunrise.

By 6am, there was quite a lot of people at the summit for sunrise. So, getting there early is still a must. We bagged a good spot to sit and watch the sunrise.

It was super cold and windy at the summit. We definitely came more prepared this time with lots of layers! Learnt my lesson the year before!!

The sunrise was great – not as epic as the first time (quite a bit of misty cloud around) but still magical.

We started the descend at 6.35am and arrived back at our campsite at 8.15am.

We then cooked breakfast before packing up and heading out for coffee and home!

It was definitely worth the effort. Camping this time around made it a fun and different adventure. I recommend giving it a try in the summertime.

Happy camping and hiking!

Sez x

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