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My Health and Fitness Journey – Week 5

As I head into Week 5 I am reassessing my goals. I need to stop the treats and focus on my why! So this week I aim to focus on what I am putting in my mouth and ensuring I get enough sleep at night.

I have noticed I am SO much more productive then I have ever been. Getting up early really sets me up for the day and having a diary with my to do list each day (with my workouts planned etc) all helps as well. I have also been practicing Journaling everyday for the past 4 weeks and O-M-G it is a life changer. I highly recommend you start doing it. I am at the point where I am LOVING my life after burn out. This health and fitness Journey is definitely a big helper towards that as well.

So again… If you haven’t started… why not? Your mind, body and soul will thank you. I promise x

Monday – 30/07/2018

Monday again….. Normal routine as per usual. I was up early for cardio, breaky, tidy house and shower etc. then I did some blogging before work at 9am at Trelise Cooper.

After work I SO could not be bothered working out… I was having a tug of war with myself in my head – do I or don’t I? Blogging this journey actually holds me accountable… maybe you should write your journey in a diary and hold yourself accountable too… because I did do my HIIT session and felt SO much better afterwards and I smashed my 10,000 step goal.

I ate all the right food today – no treats. I drank lots of water and got lots done. #motivatedmonday (I even food prepped chicken for the rest of the week after dinner!)

Tuesday – 31/07/2018

Tuesdays = my day off! So I changed up my routine a little… I stayed in bed till 7am then had breaky etc. I then blogged for a little bit before going for a walk along the rural roads at 9am. I used my walk as an opportunity to listen to podcasts. It was so cold outside but still so nice to be in the fresh air #grateful!

My Tuesday actually turned into a busy day with a trip into Matamata, cleaned my car, blogged some more, worked out, organised upcoming birthdays etc.

Another day of fully sticking to my eating plan. I am feeling good! Week 5 must be where it all falls into place. (Though in saying that my workout today was bloody hard! It was abs and arms and my stomach muscles are killing right now). So if you are in week 3 or 4 then push through!! It does get easier 🙂

Wednesday – 1/08/2018

August already! Can you believe it?

Same old story this morning. I got up for cardio (even tho I wanted to stay in bed) and got ready etc. I then blogged for a couple hours as I didn’t start work today till 11am! Worked for the rest of the day and when I got home I was SO hungry and tired. I tidied house and did some blogging work and then just veged really! My body is super sore and tired from this weeks intense workouts, so I am extremely happy to have a night off. I have accompolished my 10,000 steps for the day though.

Yes I have stuck to my food plan all day. No treats as of yet this week! I have a feeling Friday may involve some though 😉

Thursday – 2/08/2018

Another day… another dollar 😉

Basically repeat of yesterday except when I got home from work I did my HIIT session for tomorrow. Crazy enough I was actually looking forward to my workout today. It burned the stomach muscles that’s for sure. Again hit my step count and stuck to my food plan and I am feeling great!

The workout I did is below. Now I don’t have to do a HIIT session tomorrow 😉

Friday – 3/08/2018

So as you should know by now… Friday and Saturday are my weekend days as I work Sundays.

I did warn you earlier in the week that today I would not stick to my food plan! Haha. It was my partner’s birthday so we went out for lunch at Onyx in Cambridge and had beer and some nice food to celebrate. The atmosphere there is great and we got to sit right infront of the warm fire.

Coming home I was SO full and the car was so warm that I was falling asleep… anyone else do that?! But it wasn’t good as once we arrived home I felt like crap the whole afternoon and night. I can’t work out if this was to do with the food being quite rich, falling asleep in the car or just being exhausted overall.

Anyways… I still managed to eat some chips and dip in the late arvo and had bacon and eggs for dinner then an early night to sleep it all off.

P.s. I still hit my step count – I went for a walk in the morning and got drenched in the rain! #funtimes

Saturday – 4/08/2018

Now today I only had 3 meals instead of my normal 7!

I had my normal breakfast and then Mum came over so we went out for lunch in Tirau. I had a sneaky ham, cheese and onion toasted sandwich, a coffee AND a caramel slice! haha… #noregrets. It was all yum. We then went for a walk and I have done over 13,000 steps today.

Dinner was Nachoes… it’s mine and Ben’s favourite! So I kinda really am just doing this 80/20 diet… maybe a little 70/30 at times. But hey.. I’m only human right? It’s called balance! Tomorrow is a work day so it will be back to the grind with routine and food.

Sunday – 5/08/2018

Work day today and it was super busy so I actually didn’t have a lunch break! I also didn’t get up for my cardio so had to do it once I got home. But apart from that I had a good day with no diet slip ups 🙂

Well I can say that week 5 was a pretty good week! I stuck to my food plan apart from a couple of meals but that is ok. Compared to the last few weeks I think I did really well. I feel so much stronger and fitter this week and really feel like this is working. I am looking forward to week 6 and what that brings. I feel like my mindset is back on track and I am enjoying the Journey!

Much love,

Sez xx

Total steps for the week = 86,170

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