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20 hiking adventures in 2020 around New Zealand

20 hiking adventures in 2020 seems extreme considering COVID-19 hit right? That’s on average twice a month exploring beautiful New Zealand.

2020 changed my life | Life update

2020 changed my life. I am sure you can relate; you know with a global pandemic and all. I have been MIA but here’s a life update for you!

The Pouakai Tarn Walk

The Pouakai Tarn Walk is one of the 10 most instagrammable locations in New Zealand and provides a breathtaking view of Mount Taranaki. Best viewed at dawn the 3am wake up call is well worth the effort.

Climbing Mount Taranaki for sunrise

Climbing Mount Taranaki for sunrise was scary and exhilarating! Standing 2,518 meters above sea level, it is the hardest climb to date. We left at 1am to summit for 5.30am and made it!

Mount Pirongia Summit via the Tirohanga Track

Mount Pirongia is the highest peak in the Waikato Region and it is a bloody tough climb! Be warned… this is not a straight climb up to the summit!

Te Aroha Summit Track

I first climbed Te Aroha in 2017 and swore I would never do it again. At 952m above sea level I remember it being a tough climb.. yet here I am again!

The Pinnacles Walk – Kauaeranga Kauri Trail

It is definitely more of a climb than a walk at 759 metres above sea level, however the Pinnacles Walk should definitely feature on your bucket list.

5 easy steps to set yourself achievable goals in 2020!

Goal setting broken down into 5 easy steps with examples to ensure you achieve your goals in 2020! Change your life one goal at a time.

I climbed the Mount 200 times!

Yes I actually climbed the Mount 200 times in 2019! I hope it inspires you to make the climb and enjoy the view. #inspirationfor2020

I’m back! But what the hell happened?

I flew off the radar for a wee while… but I am back! But what the hell happened? Where am I now? What am I doing? It is all revealed.

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