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The key to your success in all areas of life

How many times have you said, “I’ll start Monday”?

Then Monday rolls around and you go to great lengths to do what you set out to do. But after the initial hype settles down, it gets harder to stay in the mood and keep consistent and eventually…. You quit!


There is just one ingredient that goes into success that is more important than anything else and that is … consistency. 

But let’s be real, consistency is a struggle for most people. Even me.

Everyone’s version of success in life is different. But the key is the same. It’s consistency that gets you results and creates success.

If you are not achieving or moving forward, its generally because you are not consistent. You miss a day, then a week, then a year. 10 years have passed, and you seemingly have not achieved anything you set out to do.

I’ve always been motivated for a small amount of time. Then life happens and old habits take over. It’s easier to turn off the alarm and roll over back to sleep then get up and move the body. It sure is easier to sit and watch Netflix instead of study. It’s much easier to order takeaways then get up and cook a meal.

Bet you can probably relate!

At the age of 34, I’ve finally come to realise that consistency is the key to success in ALL areas of my life.

All those ‘goals’ I never achieved. The business I closed. Relationships that failed. I was not consistent. I did not show up every day and put in the work. It was easier to give up…

In 2018, I moved to Mount Maunganui and wanted a ‘better’ life. I wanted my version of a successful life, finally achieve my goals and be the best version of myself.

I didn’t know it then, but I wanted to be consistent.

And I did it!

I am consistent… in most areas of my life but like anyone It is still a work in progress every single day.

I can proudly say, I am currently consistent with – 

Health & Fitness

Exercise – I gym 4x a week at 5.30am & move my body 6 days a week (In 2019, I climbed the mount 200 times which required a lot of consistency and effort).

Food – I make healthy food choices every day. I am extremely consistent at this and have lost 10kg and have since been building lean muscle. I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been in my entire life.

Routine – Getting up at 5am is now something I do 6 days a week. I have created a habit that is now ingrained in me. I have a morning routine and evening routine that I do daily.


I put time, effort and love into my partner, stepson, friends etc. on a regular / daily basis. I.e. Date nights, girls’ days, 1:1 time with my stepson and I have thriving relationships because of it.


Blogging (getting there) – work in progress to consistently put the effort in and post regularly to help you.


I show up every day and put in the work and I have received 2x promotions in the last 12 months. 

I study Nutrition at night and consistently put in the work every week to complete my modules. I will be a qualified nutritionist by the end of 2021.


Always learning and working on improving myself daily in various ways. One thing I do is read books on self-development most nights and put what I learn into action.


I stick to a budget and have savings goals (have hit my 6-month saving goal for 2021). I am in no debt apart from a mortgage.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, it’s been hard work. Some days I still struggle.

But I can confirm, consistency creates success. To be your version of ‘successful’ and achieve the goals you set in your life, you must consistently put in the work.  

I didn’t do it all at once. Good habits are hard to form. Bad habits are hard to break. Focus on one thing a time.

Consistency is about building small positive habits that you do every single day to push you closer to your goals. Its holding yourself accountable for the daily choices you make. No excuses, no complaints.

I think the reason most people struggle with staying consistent over a long period, is that they only live for the short term. Results are not necessarily immediate, so they don’t see the point in continuing. But the habit of consistency and ultimately creating success isn’t about obtaining quick results, it is making small daily progress and improvements over an extended period of time. The results will come.

Consistency isn’t sexy but it is the one thing that separates those who hit their goals week in and week out, and those that don’t.

The fit people you aspire to. They show up consistently to the gym, even in the middle of winter, and lift the weights. They also consistently make healthy food choices to accompany the exercise.

The people with happy relationships. They consistently put in the effort to have good positive communication, love and affection. They also consistently work on themselves as individuals to be better as a couple.

The people with no debt. They consistently live within their means and save some of their income before they spend.

And those with successful businesses. They consistently worked hard every day, sacrificing short term pleasure, most of them for years, to finally achieve the business they have today.

Remember success is a long journey where you sacrifice short term pleasure for long term success.

My tips to help you:

Work out what goals you want to achieve. Break them down into different areas of your life. Keep them simple but effective.

Focus on one goal at a time and create the positive habit to achieve it until it becomes a part of your routine.

Plan and schedule the goal into your day / week. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Create a consistent morning routine that you do daily. It helps set you up for the day to achieve your goals.

Do it even when you don’t feel like it. Push through the discomfort to form the habit and consistency.

If you miss one day, don’t miss the next.

Track your habits on a calendar. (When I started at the gym, I use to mark a cross every day that I went. The more crosses that appeared in a month, the more it pushed me to go. A visible representation of achieving my goals). 

Think progress over perfection. i.e. even if it’s not your best workout, you still showed up. You are forming a habit and being consistent.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so enjoy the journey – that is the best part. It where the growth happens.

Much love,

Sez x

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